NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS HARMONY DEEP                                   SALMON

All of my plants are chosen for their value in baskets and planters.  Flowers that will trail, that will last for the season, that are low maintenance as in minimal deadheading.  Some are upright to fill the center of a planter or basket.

Flowers that are still available are:

Shade loving trailers:   Begonia Illumination Rose, Begonia Illumination Salmon Pink, Begonia Funky Pink

Shade loving upright:  Begonia Non Stop Red, Impatiens Coral, Deep Orange, White & Violet

Sun loving trailers:  Verbena Temari Red

Sun loving upright:  SOLD OUT

Sun to Shade upright:  New Guinea Impatiens Harmony Deep Salmon,  Coleus Great Falls Niagara