Available by Mothers’ Day

Twelve and ten inch baskets for sun and shade already showing their colors. Also colorful cobalt blue pots of all sizes sporting calibrachoa, bacopa, begonias, verbena and more.

Baskets make great gifts!

 I’ll have a variety of fourteen inch mixed “moss” baskets. Not wanting to rip up the forest floor for moss I have switched to landscape fabric for lining the wire frame. It is completely obscured by the plants once they start to trail.

And for gardeners who wish to do it themselves

Here is a list of flowers already in bloom.

Bacopa, Gullilver Blue; Bidens, Yellow Crown; Calibrachoa: Pink Doll, Cherry Blossom, Dark Red, Magenta, Sunset, Skywalker; Lobelia, Hot Blue and Blue Splash; Lobularia, White Stream, Petunia (vegetative), Capella Indigo; Seeded Petunias (Easy Wave) Blue, Coral Reef, Violet, White, Red Velour; Verbena, Estrella Voodoo Red and Peach.

Tuberous Begonia now blooming: Baby Wings Red, Baby Wings Pink. Begonias ready during May: Non-Stop Mocca Red, Funky Pink, Illumination: Apricot, Rose, Scarlet and White

Also vegetative trailers: Vinca Major, Wojo’s Gem and Dichondra, Silver Falls.